Helping the World Go Green

#letlifegogreen – This is the name of our website, but it’s also a way of life that we have adapted. It is also a philosophy that should be adapted around the world.

Unfortunately, the world is facing many environmental crises that threatens the environment of the future. Presently one of the biggest environmental issues is that of air pollution. Because of the abundance of automobiles around the world, and the number of factories, all contribute to the problems of polluting the air. This is also leading to the problem of climate change.

Deforestation is another problem that the planet is facing. We have taken for granted the trees in our world and have cut them down to produce paper products. The problem occurs when we haven’t replanted enough young trees to match the trees that were cut down.

Degradation of the soil is another big problem facing much of the world. We have spent decades using and abusing the land. This has left much of our land unusable. We need to watch our practices to ensure that we have land that can grow products we need.

While we may not be able to have an effect on many of the world’s problems, it is helpful that we know about them. Doing your part in your daily life by going green can help in a small way, but we need to help out globally as well.

Knowing the problems is just the beginning. Once you start going green on your own life, start spreading the word to others, and expand your help. Work with your local community in setting up environmentally friendly programs. City wide clean up programs, recycling drives and more can help your community.

But that is not all. Communicate with your pollical leaders. A call, text or email to your elected official will help get your concerns noticed. Continue contacting local, state, and federal representatives and let them know how you feel. If enough small voices speak out, we will be heard!