About Us

#letlifegogreen – We have neglected and abused the natural resources of our planet for generations. Smog, pollution, littering, dumping into our water, and other environmental problems are all man made. We have been responsible for taking advantage of our natural resources and not being considerate on what the consequences may be. After centuries of overuse and abuse, things need to change.

I am lucky. At an early age, my parents talked to me about the potential problems that could happen in the environment if we don’t be concerned with how we conduct our daily lives. Some people can say they were “hippies”, but they were interested in how they can make their own products, composting around the house, and the reliance on plastic or other non-biodegradable products. From the time I was around eight years old, I would help my family in cleaning up our community, planting trees and start to embrace the “go green” movement.

This feeling carried on throughout my middle and high school years, and I encouraged our school to start being greener. When I entered college, I was bound and determined to make a difference in the world. It was there that I found my soul mates who shared my same interest and compassion to going green.

From that point “the green team” as we were known became involved at the college with recycling, educating students and the college community and other ways that we can go green every day. We volunteered for clean up days, recycling drives, tree planting festivities and even went to a few of the local schools to talk about environmental issues. The “green team” was an environmental dynamo for four years. But we decided that shouldn’t be the end of our efforts.

After college, we all went our separate ways but agreed to stay in touch and collectively work towards a greener world. So, we have been working together for several years, and will continue to help educate others and #letlifegogreen.

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Thank you,

The Green Team: Amber Larkin, Gayle King, Beth Larson, Toni McMahon and Dana Clark.