The Unhealthiest State Is…

America on a whole has experienced success in decreasing smoking, violent crime, air pollution, infant mortality, cancer deaths, and cardiovascular deaths, according to the
2014 America’s Health Rankings report.

But the country still faces challenges in a number of other areas, including obesity (going up 153 percent since 1990), physical inactivity, diabetes, child poverty, and immunization coverage for both children and teens, the report showed.

The report is based on data from agencies and organizations including the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Medical Association, and is published each year by the United Health Foundation in partnership with the American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention.

In addition to evaluating the health of the nation as a whole, the report also looked at the health of individual states. For the third year in a row that the rankings have been released, Hawaii was
named the healthiest state, boasting low smoking and obesity prevalences, a low child poverty percentage, and low rates of cancer and cardiovascular deaths, among other measures. Other states that scored high in the rankings included Vermont and Massachusetts.

But what states ranked the worst in the new report? Check out the slideshow for the bottom 10.

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