Solar Panel Facts

Solar Panel Facts | Uses of Solar Energy

Many people have started to think about solar energy. The solar power it’s one solution from the other green solution like wind power and hydropower. Basic solar panel facts will give you a brief overview of why you should consider using the sun to power your home. Economic hard times, the ever increasing cost of electricity and a concern for the environment has thousands of families turning to solar energy.

Solar Panel Facts for everybody

1.  Solar panels are an active and renewable source of energy. They make use of the light that is emitted from the sun and converts it actively into usable electricity in their photovoltaic cells.

2.  Solar cells are the building blocks of solar panels. Each cell produces a small amount of electricity which is combined with the other cells in the panel to produce a usable amount of electricity.

3.   Solar panels are quiet and require very little maintenance. Just make sure that the panel is free from debris and the glass is clean.

4.  Solar panels typically have a 20-25 year warranty and 40 year lifetime expectancy.

5.  Solar energy is very safe for the environment, since it produces negligibly small amounts of elements, and only during the process of manufacturing the solar materials.

Solar Panel Facts: How much power solar panels produce ?

Interesting aspect of Solar panel facts is that one can calculate that how much power solar panels can produce. In order to to figure out the Daily Production of power, you can take a note on the power produced at the peak sunlight hours during noon and assume that 20% of that power will be produced every hour for 24 hours. So if your Solar Panel produces, 180 watts of electricity at noon, you get 180 watts X 24 Hours *0.2 = 864 Watts/Day. (or 864 Watts/24 Hours =36 Watts/Hour)

Solar Panel Facts: What you need to do with Solar Energy


Solar panels produce electricity that is in the form of “direct current”, this is the same type of electricity that comes out of a battery, and since most house hold appliances and electronics are made to run on grid power that is in the form of “alternating current”. We need an “inverter” to change that the power the solar panels produce from “direct current” into “alternating current” that our appliances can use.



Final Word on Solar Panel Facts

If you have decided that you want to go for solar panels after looking at solar panel facts, the first thing you must do is select a comprehensive set of instructions. Be careful in selecting your plans. Much of what is available on the Internet has been put together by hobbyists, many who have not worked in the solar energy field. Make sure that the plans you choose are written by folks who make their living designing and installing solar power systems, not just writing about them. Use solar panels and Go Green.

Solar Panel Facts shows new way of generating solar energy.

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