Meditation Made Easy: 5 Life-Changing Pointers

Practicing TM changed my entire demeanor, so much so that friends started asking if I’d done something different with my hair! I was more level, a little brighter, more in control — and I most definitely did not lose my edge. In fact, my daily practice just made me sharper in the workplace (and every other area of my life). Meditation, after all, teaches you awareness, focus, and control. Those are key skills that lead to the kind of mindful approach to eating that’s such an important part of the 20 Pounds Younger program. My hope is that, after reading this article and trying some “meditation lite” exercises, you’ll be intrigued. The health benefits, as you’ll see, are incredible, and I highly recommend that you explore the practice further on your own. Below, I bust some common myths about meditation: 

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