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Green Moving

Go Green Moving and make a difference to your moving process but first we need to understand that why is moving such an important part of our lives that really needs to `go green`? Think about the moving process. First you have to pack. This requires a multitude of supplies – boxes, plastic wrap, Styrofoam, etc. Most of these supplies become damage during the packing and unpacking process, and are usually disposed of. With the number of worldwide moves occurring each year, this leads to a large amount of avoidable waste. 

Green Moving Tips One can Adopt While Moving

In recent years, the moving industry has followed much of the rest of the business community by offering more green moving options for your move. It's increased the use of recycled and recyclable packing materials, and uses more earth-friendly trucks instead of the smoke-belching monsters you usually see on the road. There are many easy to follow tips for Green Moving.

1. Look for those moving companies which follow environmentally-friendly practices.

2. Moving companies generally prefer cardboard moving boxes to ensure stability, but this means a lot of cardboard boxes get tossed after only one use. Reusable crates, which come in a variety of sizes, eliminate that waste. They're sturdy, but unlike cardboard, they can be used repeatedly.

3. When cleaning up your old and new places, look for environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Most retailers now carry a good selection.

4. Adopt environmentally-friendly practices in your new home. Sign up for renewable energy and switch out your incandescent light bulbs for CFL’s!.

5. Consider the vehicle being used for moving your goods. Older vehicles have much higher carbon emissions. You should inquire as to the year and maintenance of the vehicle for an indication of how environmentally friendly it is.  

6. One should also take into consideration the kind of packaging being offered for your move. Eco-cartons are a great option because they are environmentally friendly and can be re-used.

Green Moving is the New Mantra to Follow

By adopting above mentioned green moving tips you can follow the green moving mantra at the time of moving and if we want to see more green moving services, it is important for customers to actively seek out green vehicles or environmentally friendly man and van services.

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