Green Computing Initiatives

A Look At Green Computing Initiatives – Getting Greener In The Office Easily


There is a great deal of different ways to create green computing initiatives   in the office. There is currently a great deal of options to consider, and any size office can make serious moves forward with a variety of different things. For those that are not sure how to make moves, and are wondering how to make steps forward, it’s as simple as following 5 easy steps. That’s right, within 5 steps anyone can go from inefficient computers to a more green option.

Green Computing Initiatives – 5 Easy Steps

green computing initiativesIt’s not just the raw computer system that requires attention. The attention for going green should be taken on the overall office as well as the actual computer. This might seem rudimentary, but people often assume that green computing only means the actual tower or laptop. Consider the following green computing initiatives.

1. Turn off Monitors – If an IT department isn’t willing to turn off the actual computer tower, it can be beneficial to at least turn off the computer monitor. Monitors can give off a great deal of heat, as well as suck up a lot of energy if left on. Turning them off can be a great start to helping spark green computing initiatives.

2. Clean The Interior of Towers – For computer professionals that have ever opened up a tower, this step might be obvious. But for those that are learning about green computing initiatives, it’s important to clean out computer towers as they can end up being clogged with debris of all types. 

3. Turn off All Peripheral Devices – Printers, Scanners, and anything that is not in use overnight should be turned off. By turning off these items, phantom electricity and power cannot be used, and going green is much easier.

 4. Upgrading To Energy Star – This is one of those Green Computing Initiatives which helps in saving energy and saves our enviorment. Energy star is an interesting program that anyone can utilize. This program is a joint effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, which gives many computer items efficiency ratings depending on previous incarnations of the device. The performance of these models are far better than most, and suck up a lot less energy. When upgrading, look into these star rated options. 

5. Screensavers Are Obsolete – Green computing can be as simple as putting the classic screensaver at rest. The energy consumed by hard disk drives and fans when away from a desk during screen saving programs running can be a quite high. The standard is long gone, and with the advent of new monitors, it’s no longer a necessity to have a saving screen, so ditch the old style and get with the new program.

Green Computing Initiatives Implementation

Taking Green computing Initiatives is not that hard; it’s just a matter of looking into the variety of initiatives that can be implemented in any office. Large and small companies are starting to take the above tips and then some to make sure that they can move forward with a more efficient office. Offices around the world, large and small, can turn their energy guzzling around with simple steps towards green computing. 

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