Green Architecture

Green Architecture : New way of Green Building

Green architecture, also known as green building or "sustainable architecture" means the theory, science and style of buildings construction in accordance with environmentally friendly principles and practices.

Green architecture tries to minimize the number of resources consumed in the building's construction as well as Green architecture reduces the harm done to the environment through the emission of pollution. Green architecture for the older generation was used, because of the lack of technology. However, in the modern times, green architecture gained popularity, because of the high costs of energy dependent lifestyles and the increasing environmental awareness. Green Architecture Goals: Green architecture's main goals are to reduce human exposure to toxic materials, conserve non renewable materials, use energy, water and other resources efficiently, improve household productivity and good design. Sustainable building uses energy efficiently by incorporating more windows to its design and placing them in such a way that air will flow normally. Benefits of Green Architecture: Green architecture produces environmental, social and economic benefits.

  • Environmentally, green architecture helps reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and prevent environmental degradation.
  • Economically, it reduces the amount of money that the building's operators have to spend on water and energy
  • Green Architecture improves the productivity in the longer run
  • Socially Green buildings causes only minimal strain on the local infrastructure.

Green Architecture characteristics:

  • Ventilation systems designed for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances.
  • Water-saving plumbing fixtures.
  • Landscapes planned to maximize passive solar energy.
  • Alternate power sources such as solar power or wind power.
  • Responsibly-harvested woods  and adaptive reuse of older buildings.
  • Use of recycled architectural salvage.
  • Efficient use of space.
  • Minimal harm to the natural habitat.

Examples of Green Architecture:

1. The Magney House: Energy-conserving home by Australian architect Glenn Murcutt

2. Katrina Cottage: Low-cost and energy-efficient emergency pre-fab housing

3. Solar-Powered Victorian: A historic inn with high-tech photovoltaic panels

4. Earth House: This home in Loreto Bay, Mexico is made with compressed earth blocks Green architecture is growing exponentially.

Green Architecture is new way to Go green.

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