Going Green

Going Green   


Going GreenGoing green isn't a one time issue. It's a continuous process. There is a lot of focus on going green nowadays. The term going green, refers to something far more important than global warming. We normally make reference to an increased understanding of utilizing the Earth's resources more effectively. The phrase nowadays involves endeavors to save our natural assets, minimize our contributions to a landfill, and lower pollution generally. Going green, can be described through the motto "decrease, recycle, reuse", which implies decrease waste materials, recycle whatever you can't and reuse whatever you can.

Going Green: Ways to live a Green Life

You can save a lot of money on your electric bill by letting the largest source of heat in the solar system do the work for free.

Purchase items that have less packaging, or even better, packaging made from recycled paper or other materials.

walk, carpool, ride a bike or use public transportation, when possible.

Use low-energy or compact fluorescent light bulbs and keep lights and appliances turned off when not in use.

Pay bills online to save paper and gas used in mailing.

Use cloth napkins and towels, not paper.

Take shorter showers to save water.

These are just a few ways to live a greener eco friendly life. They aren’t all that difficult and if everyone started to use these methods the whole world can take one giant step towards being more environmentally friendly and preserving our non renewable resources from being used up completely.

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